Apple Store Pulls A Houdini With Disappearing And Reappearing Thunderbolt To FireWire Adapter

Apple is making my head spin. Early this morning the Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter for Macs had finally made it to the Apple Store for $29.00. When news broke that the product was available, the page was quietly removed for unknown reasons and wouldn’t even show up in the store search results. A few minutes ago it appeared again on the Apple Store and then quickly disappeared. Since this morning the device has been frequently going online and offline in the Apple Store. It’s not clear what is going on or why the page keeps appearing and disappearing. It’s happening more than once.

While it was live, the Apple Store gave some details about the device. The new adapter allows users to connect their Mac to a FireWire device with the small and compact cable. The connector lets you turn your Thunderbolt port into a FireWire 800 port that supplies up to 7 watts of power for bus-powered peripherals, such as hard drives and audio devices. To use the adapter, you must have a Thunderbolt-equipped Mac with OS X 10.7.4 or later.

Keep checking the Apple Store to figure out when exactly the adapter will be here to stay.

Source: Apple and Apple Insider via Cult of Mac

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