Apple sticks Opera browser with a 17+ rating

A couple of days ago, Opera was permitted into the Mac App Store. The browser is the first major browser allowed into the Mac App Store, and it stands in direct contrast to Safari, which, funnily enough, isn’t on the Mac App Store at all. Sure, Safari is available on every new Mac, but wouldn’t managing updates through the Mac App Store be more appropriate at this point?

Anyway, Opera is free on the Mac App Store, but strangely it comes with a 17+ rating for “Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes.” It’s a browser—of course the internet comes with that kind of material, but we have to ask, what the heck was the application reviewer looking at while testing Opera before giving it the approval? Hrmm?

Apparently the executives over at Opera have a sense of humor about the rating. Jan Standal, VP of Desktop Products went on the record,

“I’m very concerned,” says Standal. “Seventeen is very young, and I am not sure if, at that age, people are ready to use such an application. It’s very fast, you know, and it has a lot of features. I think the download requirement should be at least 18.”

Har har, but you can’t argue his point—what’s the difference between 17, and 18+ on the internet? Kids know how to circumvent that super secure, year of birth, security feature on adult websites. My guess, there’s a lot more people with birthdays in the 1800s than there are 1970+. Ah well, at least Opera made it into the Mac App Store to begin with, right?

Article Via The Next Web

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