Apple Snags AMD System Architect John Bruno

The man behind AMD’s Trinity chip is now fully engaged with Apple, although exactly what he’s working on is still a mystery at this point. It appears that Apple is doubling down on its in-house processor lineup, and has appointed ATI and AMD chip guy John Bruno as its new System Architect.

Slashgear seems to think that he’ll be working on Apple’s processors for mobile and desktop machines. That’s probably a safe bet:

the company has already pushed ahead with its Apple Ax range of ARM-based chips for phones and tablets, and long-standing rumors suggest the company is also planning to shift its desktop line of MacBooks and Macs onto ARM silicon at some point too.

Apple’s been rolling out their own A-series ARM processors in iOS devices for a while now. The A4 chip was in the fourth generations iPod touch and second generation Apple TV, and their A5 chips are currently in the iPhone 4S, iPad, and latest Apple TV version.

There’s been plenty of rumors that Apple’s looking to extend their A-series chipset to devices like the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro at some point in the near future. So a move like this would make a ton of sense for Apple.

Source: Semi Accurate, Slashgear via The Next Web

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