Will Apple rev the iMac this week with new MacBook Pros?

A new report from DigiTimes in Taiwan seems to indicate that not only will there be new MacBook Pro models introduced this week, but a possible new iMac with revised screens as well. Citing supply chain sources, Apple “may also make some changes over the screen size to allow panel cutting to reach its optimization.”

Adding fuel to the fire for new MacBook Pro updates, the article notes that retail stores do not have any more stock of the current MacBook Pro models, and that shipments from overseas have ceased. Add together the reports of ‘mystery’ sealed shipments to retail locations and it’s a pretty strong signal that something new is forthcoming.

The iMac was last refreshed in July of 2010, with Intel i3, i5, and i7 processors and upgraded graphics. DigiTimes previously reported in December 2010 that new iMacs would be coming out in the first half of 2011, so this new tidbit of information is in keeping with previous source info. Whether this new iMac will simply be a refresh or be something entirely new is unclear. If the screen size is going to be changed, will it mean a whole new case design? Or are they just changing the display? Perhaps it’s that touch panel iMac that no one will admit to. In any case, we can only wait and see.

Article via AppleInsider.

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