Apple Now Selling Refurbished Retina Macbook Pros At 15% Discount

Those looking to buy a new Macbook Pro with a ridiculous number of pixels without spending a ridiculous amount of cash may be interested in Apple’s new refurbished offering.

Apple has begun selling refurbished 15-inch Retina Macbook Pro models at a 15 percent discount from the standard price. There are two versions for sale: the entry-level model with 256GB of flash storage and a 2.3Ghz processor for $1869, and the high-end model with 512GB of storage and a 2.6Ghz processor for $2379. Customers will save $330 on the entry-level model and $420 on the high end.

This is a good deal for those looking to buy a discounted Retina Macbook Pro. Apple’s refurbished models are typically in brand new condition and it would be tough to find discounts as big as these on brand-new models somewhere else. Unfortunately, no 13 inch Retina models have popped up on the store yet.

Those looking to take advantage of this offer should act fast as new refurbs tend to be sold off fairly quickly.

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