Apple is now using faster Samsung SSDs in MacBook Air

Apple is now using what are thought to be Samsung SSDs in the latest MacBook Air models, and according to AnandTech, the later Samsung SSDs provide a performance boost for users. Previously, Apple used Toshiba Blade X-gale SSDs which while quick, are not as quick as the Samsung equivalent.

AnandTech reports that the Samsung SM128C models boast speeds of 261.1 MB/s read and 209.6 MB/s write. By comparison, the Toshiba TS128C models come in at slower speeds of 209.8 MB/s read and 175.6 MB/s write. While the jump in speed may not be astronomical, users are reporting noticeable differences.

I checked which version I have in my 13-inch Air and I’m pleased to report that it is the SM128C — though I can’t comment on any differences with the Toshiba SSD since I haven’t used both versions. Also, there is a chance that the SM128C may not in fact be the work of Samsung, although this is what is widely believed. One thing’s for sure, I won’t be taking my Air apart to see who makes the SSD — I’ll leave that to the guys over at iFixit.

Be sure to let us know which model you have, and if you know of any difference in speed.

Article Via TUAW

Photo Credit: cnet


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