$2 IKEA Napkin holder also holds MacBooks: FANTASTIK

In the “a penny saved is a penny earned” department, we bring to you a cheap alternative to beautifully designed desktop stands for you MacBook: the IKEA FANTASTIK napkin holder. It’s clear plastic, it has a spring, and it holds your MacBook sideways on your desk.

If you want to use your MacBook as a desktop, you’ll need to run it in clamshell mode so that it will still operate with the lid closed. I guess it works, although I would be hesitant to trust my thousand dollar laptop to a $2 napkin holder, but that’s just me. I’m sure it’s stable and it won’t tip over, but call me a little bit wary.

IKEA hacking is a popular phenomenon that takes IKEA products and uses them in new and creative ways. If you’re looking for something a little more purpose designed, the BookArc stand from Twelve South will set you back $50.

Article Via OS X Daily
Originator and Photo Credit: @burstaneurysm.

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