120 GB Thunderbolt SSD drive ships tomorrow


The market for Thunderbolt devices is out there. We can tell from the incredibly positive response we get whenever we cover a new Thunderbolt gewgaw. So when we saw that Elgato is shipping a Thunderbolt drive, we knew you all would be interested. Better yet, this Thunderbolt drive is a 120 GB solid state drive – top of the line and blazing fast.

Because Elgato is using SSDs and Thunderbolt, they are able to do something pretty impressive: incredibly fast, portable drives with no need for external power.


While you’re on the go, less is more. That’s why the Elgato Thunderbolt™ SSD is engineered to draw power directly through the Thunderbolt port, without needing a separate power supply. This way, your data is always there with you, even when you’re not near a power source.

This sexy external enclosure only has one port on it: Thunderbolt. No buttons, and plugs. Simply, easy, and super fast. It’s everything we’ve ever wanted out of an external drive! Well, except the price, that is. Sadly, this wonderful piece of technology will cost you $429.95 USD. That doesn’t even include the cable. That’ll cost you another fifty bucks.

Is the massive price worth it for the incredible speed? Sound off in the comment section below. We want to know how you spend your money on tech, so don’t hesitate.

Source: Elgato

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