Lumo Lift Will Shame You Into Better Posture

My posture sucks. I’ll readily admit as much. And after two days of wandering around the show floor at Macworld/iWorld, well, standing up straight is the last thing on my mind. The Lumo Lift wouldn’t let me get away with that, though.

The Lumo Lift is a small device that clips to your shirt at around your shoulders via magnets and monitors your posture. If it detects that you’re slouching, it’ll vibrate to encourage you to stand more upright. Lumo also offers an iOS app that will provide you with more information on your posture, and whether you’re doing a good job (high five!).


The Lumo Lift isn’t out just yet—we’ll see it launch this Spring—but if improved posture is something you think you could benefit from, you can preorder a Lumo Lift now for $79.

Nick spends way too much time in front of a computer, so he figures he may as well write about it. He's previously written for IDG's PCWorld and TechHive.