London Travel Applications: A Preview

So, I will be going on my first “Real” vacation next week to London. I use quotes because I have not actually gone anywhere since 1999. Yes, I have taken days off of wor,k but I have just stayed home during those times. With my trip being just over a week away, I started looking into applications that might make it easier to get around. I will let you know exactly how well these worked upon returning. For now, here is a preview of the applications.

London Evening Standard

This is a free news application. I’m not 100% sure how I will use it, or if I will use it at all, but I figure it cannot hurt to use this to keep up to date with any important news items while in London.


London Tube Deluxe

London Tube Deluxe is a $0.99 application that will also provide closures for specific Tube segments. Seeing as we will be traveling via the Tube most of the time, this seemed like a must have application.


London Way

This application falls into the location-based applications like Yelp. The exception is that this application will go well beyond just restaurants and provide anything from dining, events, theaters, hotels and even wifi places. I have a feeling that we will be using this application quite a bit.


These are just three of the nine applications I have downloaded. One thing to definitely check for when preparing for a trip, is whether your airline has an application. Most of them do have one, and they provide current flight status.

Image Sources are their respective applications.

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