Listen To All 32 Voices/Languages Of iOS Say ‘Luke, I am your father’

While Siri is usually the star of the show when it comes to voice recognition on iOS, we often forget about the simpler text-to-speech voices that have existed since before Siri ever existed.

There are now 32 different languages or dialects that live inside iOS as selectable languages. Unless you’ve turned certain accessibility settings on, there’s a good chance you’ll never even hear them. Fortunately, the website Vocab Ninja has gone and created one simple list where you can listen to all of those little voices that are hidden away inside your iPhone or iPad.

Included in the list are also the “enhanced” versions of these voices, which can be optionally installed onto an iOS device within its settings. These voices don’t come as default on the OS as they would take up an extra 3.7 GB of space.

Also included are the handful of new languages that were just added in iOS 7.1. (Mandarin Chinese, UK English, Australian English, and Japanese)

If you’ve ever wondered what your iPhone would sound like saying “Luke, I am your father.” in Slovakian and in enhanced quality, now you can.

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