Line Up 2…a game I wouldn’t line up for

When I downloaded Line Up 2, I got all excited. I love these block-buster games, and LabPixies hasn’t let me down…until now. I’ve never downloaded or played Line Up version 1, but I can’t imagine how different it would be from the second. Typically, when a developer releases a sequel to an app, there are major upgrades made. Though…Line Up 2 doesn’t seem to have anything unique about it. Since I downloaded it, I have been on my iPod Touch quite a bit, but I had to force myself to play with it. Then when I did, I couldn’t bring myself to play for more than a few minutes.

Like any typical brick-breaker game, the object is to not let the screen fill up with blocks. You break groups of same-coloured blocks once they get to be 3+. At times the game will speed up and blocks will enter the screen quicker. There is the occasional laser-beam bomb and colour-buster block to make things slightly interesting. But only slightly.

There are only two modes: classic or unlimited. There is an option to post scores on Facebook, but aside from that there are no real challenges to either of the modes. The app is free, so the only thing you’re wasting is space on your device. I can assure you though that when I go to play a game on my iPod Touch, I won’t be going to Line Up 2 very often.

High Points.

I do like the user interface of Line Up 2. It’s clean and colourful, and visually appealing. It’s a fun game if you don’t like a challenge or change in the level of gaming.

Things that could be better.

More challenges or modes within the game! Different levels to beat, something to attain at the end – some sort of satisfaction. Give me a badge or something people. Make it interesting. Change the colours when I least expect it, throw a cement block at me, give me something unexpected – keep me on my toes! That will keep me coming back for more.

Jen Butson is the Marketing Director at Select Start Studios in Ottawa, Canada. We're a design and engineering team where creating beautiful mobile products is more than just our day job.