Lexic FTW!

Lexic (iTunes, US$2.99) from Kieffer Bros. is a very simple game filled with tons of challenge and fun. Lexic is basically a word circle game like those that you can find in the newspaper on a daily basis only on steroids and with an attitude. And who doesn’t like a game on steroids and with attitude?

Completely redone for version 1.5, the UI is both goregeous and very intuitive. After starting the game you are presented with a circular dial menu with the three game types as options on the top (Stasis, Cascase, and Blackout) and time limits on the bottom. (1, 2, 3, 5 minutes and Infinite)

The application itself is very slick in terms of both graphics and design. I was most impressed with how well thought out and easy to use the application is overall, and the attention to detail. Receving a call, suspending your iPhone or just jumping from the game to the springboard to check your email for example with cause Lexic to pause the current game immediately which you can pick back up when you return. In addition, while Lexic can be quite intuitive, in case it isn’t there is some well written documentation that is available from every menu page.

The coolest part of Lexic, which is also new for version 1.5, are the feats. Feats are essentially unlockable achievements for the game and this really is the killer app part of Lexic in my opinion. Not only is the game itself fun but there is stuff you can unlock? Well done Kieffer Bros. You can unlock different tile sets and frames as well as a couple of new abilities based on how well you perform in game. This definitely adds to the replay factor and extends the amount of time Lexic will spend on my iPhone.

There is also an online leaderboard which is really cool. You can submit your scores online after each game of Lexic you finish and see how you are doing compared to other players.

I’ve been playing with Lexic for the past week or so and I can honestly say that I am a huge fan. I think the blend of simplicity and superb design coupled with the new feats give Lexic a subtle but distinct allure that will bring even the casual gamer back for more on a continual basis.

Bottom line, in case it isn’t clear yet, I’d definitely recommend this game and rate it a buy.

[Header image via Kieffer Bros]

Update: I had a couple questions for the Kieffer Bros. so I emailed them. I received a response in less than an hour from Michael Kieffer himself! Love the support guys! In any event I asked how big the two word databases that Lexic uses are and as a percentage, how many of those words are 6 letters or longer. Here is his response:

Here’s some of the info you asked for. Keep in mind these are fairly rough estimates.

TWL (US) has about 180,000 words and 84% of those are greater than 6 letters

SOWPODS (International) contains about 260,000 words and approximately 86% of the words are greater than six letters.

So keep that in mind when you’re trying to find those longer words that a couple of the feats call for!

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