I carefully crafted my daily escape from the WoW (world of Windows) a little over three years ago when I bought my first Mac, a G4 mini running Tiger. From the moment that I booted that squat cube of goodness, I never looked back to a Windows-based PC in my home again. I even made a convert of my wife, too!  As an IT professional by day, I’m surrounded by Microsoft products and I’m constantly called on to support them. And that’s really where my journey began, with my frustration at never having a machine that worked for more than a month without something absolutely inane happening to it. So now, I’m writing this introduction from a one-year-old MacBook Pro (I’ll geek out and give you the specs if you’re interested), using Pages from iLife ’08, with LOST, blips from Adium chatter, and the whirr of the living room fan as ambient noise. It’s a fun-derful thing! :) I’m hoping to bring a completely unique perspective to Macgasm – I still have to live in a Microsoft world as an Apple fanboy, and support both products. I’ll try to leave the fanboy-ism out as much as possible, as well as the Microsoft hatin’ – it’s the whole “œfair and balanced” thing, ya know! I’m looking forward to your comments, critiques, and cruelty!Bring “˜em on… Thanks to Josh and the rest of the Macgasm crew for the opportunity to be a part of the team!