WTF: Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer In Solitary Confinement For Prison Tweets

Andrew Aurenheimer, better known as “Weev” in the hacking world, has been placed in solitary confinement. The man was placed in the segregated part of the prison for “investigative purposes” due the to fact that he was tweeting from prison. His tweets were sent via a prison email account and later relayed to his Twitter account by a third party. The account has not been updated since the 8th of April.

Aurenheimer sent snail mail to the Daily Bot explaining the situation.

I am disgusted to have to write an actual paper letter but they took away all my electronic comms methods and put me in the special housing unit where I am under 24/7 lockdown. All this for the high crime of blogging, despite nation B.O.P. [Federal Bureau of Prisons] officials having made public statements that what I was doing wasn’t against the rules[…]

It has been a week of this and I feel completely alone and abandoned. I don’t even have my loved ones or attorney’s address (they took most of my papers and I happened to have your address on a property slip they didn’t toss). and am unsure when or if anyone will find out about my situation.

Weev was sentenced to prison for 41 months due to taking user information from a public AT&T website and sharing it with Gawker. A lot of the tech world (including myself) has questioned the sentence length, and whether or not it was warranted. On top of his prison time, Aurenheimer will have to pay AT&T $73,000 in restitution charges.

Image Source: Daily Tech

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