The ITC Hands Apple Another Patent Victory Over Samsung

When it seems as if Samsung couldn’t get in any more trouble with Apple, it did. A judge with the United State’s International Trade Commission has just given Apple another win over their consumer electronics rival Samsung. Judge Thomas Pender has come to the conclusion that Samsung was infringing on four Apple patents, including the touchscreen technology patent as well as the iPhone design patent. More specifically, patents ’949, ’922, ’678, and ’501. Some of the devices that were convicted of infringing Apple’s patents include the Samsung Galaxy S II and original Galaxy S.

Even though Apple made it out of the lawsuit with a few wins (4), the judge sided with Samsung on two other infringements. It’s also worth noting that the suit is still awaiting a preliminary ruling; however, it’s doubtful that the verdict will change this far along in the case.

So, Samsung, how about them Apples? Oh, and we should probably point out that the ITC has the power to spot the importation of Samsung devices into the US.

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