Microsoft’s Greek Offices Attacked

So, a few clowns decided to burn down the Microsoft offices in Greece. Why? You know that lack of Windows Phone 8 upgrade? Yeah… about that. In all seriousness, a couple of people drove a van with gas tanks attached to it into the Microsoft building at around 4:45am local time today. While the building is still intact, it has been severely burnt after being set ablaze this morning. The good news? No one was hurt in the attack.

Microsoft has confirmed the severity of this attack as well. A Microsoft spokesperson made this comment about the attack:

Staff were told not to come to work today, and probably also tomorrow

While we are unsure of who actually caused the attack, we are sure that the Greek police are in full force trying to catch them.

Source: TechCrunch

Image Credit: Ekathimerini, TechCrunch, Irish Times

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