This Dumbass Just Got Seven Years For Stealing Steve Jobs’ iPad

We sure hope this photo wasn't taken on Steve's iPad.

Kariem McFarlin, the man who broke into the late Steve Jobs’ house, has been given a 7-year sentence. McFarlin did not dispute the claims during his trial and apologized to his victims and will ultimately end up paying restitution to them. His crimes were reportedly carried out because of money problems. I guess in McFarlin’s case the phrase goes, “Less Money, Mo’ Problems.” During questioning, McFarlin admitted to the burglary as well as to others in the San Francisco Bay Area. The other burglaries include one home in Alameda County, two in Marin County and four in San Francisco County.

McFarlin committed these crimes sometime between the night of July 16th and the morning of July 17th. He broke into the Jobs’ home through the garage after jumping over a construction fence that was up while the house was being renovated.

Once inside, McFarlin stole two iMacs, three iPads, three iPods, an Apple TV as well as personal items, which included jewelry. He was arrested in August after Apple security saw the devices connecting to the web from his apartment. What a dumbass.

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