Disk Utility is now guilty of patent infringement according to Software Restore Solutions

In what seems to be becoming a daily occurrence, someone is suing Apple for something they have been doing for quite some time, in this case, managing the very storage that you use everyday.  On August 17, Software Restore Solutions of NorthBrooke, Illinois filed a suit against Apple for the following:

The patented technology relates to software-based methods and systems for the efficient management of the set-upconfiguration of computer software applications. The patented technology enables, among other features, the automatic detection and resetting of computer software to a preferred configuration status upon discovery of certain configuration discrepancies. Defendant Apple makes, uses, offers to sell, sells and/or imports software that incorporates the patented technology.

The offending piece of software in this case: Disk Utility, a small utility program that most people use without thinking about. They are also tripling the damage request since, according to Software Restore Solutions, Apple was aware of the violation of the patent. They also state that this is one of many possible violations as well. This is not the first time that Software Restore Solutions has done this.  The also filed an earlier suit against Citrix, Nuance, Adobe, IBM and others for similar violations of their patents.

Not sure about this one.  Since it is a basic need of all operating systems I think Apple has a pretty good shot at getting a deal done or beating this one.  Also in researching the story, Software Restore Solutions has no online presence except for stories about the lawsuits they have filed. Software Restore Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Acacia Research Corporation.  The stated goal on their website:

Acacia Research’s subsidiaries partner with inventors and patent owners, license the patents to corporate users, and share the revenue.

So basically, they’re a patent troll. Stay tuned for more legal action coming your way.

Source: Priorsmart
Via: Electronista

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