Apple whips out the big guns against Google and aims at Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus

So it seems like play time is over in the case between Apple and Samsung. Unfortunately for the latter, things haven’t been going too well recently. First off, a German court rejected one of the seven patent infringement claims Samsung had brought against Apple. The infringement claim, related to the 3G/UMTS wireless standard, wasn’t seen as valid in the eyes of the judge.

To add icing to the cake, Apple has gone all out and has brought out its secret weapon – the slide-to-unlock patent. Their claim? Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus infringes upon this particular patent – the first time the company has used “infringe” and “Galaxy Nexus” in the same sentence. This brings the world to believe that Apple’s main target isn’t really the device itself, rather the OS that it runs and the particular version of that OS it’s running. To be more specific, Android 4.0. Remember, the Galaxy Nexus is currently the only smartphone running Google’s newest OS. In fact, it’s the tech giant’s reference device at the moment. If that goes down, there will be problems.

So it seems as if the real battle between iOS and Android is on the horizon. Apple has definitely escalated their attack against Google and more specifically Samsung, but the main question still remains. Who will win?

Via: AllThingsD

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