Apple Loses Bid To Keep Marketing Poll Secret

As you may know, Apple and Samsung are currently in the process of duking it out in court. With this comes a flow of cool Apple prototypes, pathetic Samsung stories and other interesting information. Now another piece of information could very well come out of court sooner rather than later: a customer marketing survey. While Apple lawyers rightfully want to keep the information a secret,  Judge Lucy Koh disagrees and told Apple to appeal. Apple wants to keep the information secret because, if released, competitors like Samsung and HTC as well as others could the use the information to their advantage. As of now we are not sure what the poll contains.

If you’re unaware, Apple is suing Samsung for multiple reasons including stealing both hardware and software designs in many of their products, such as the Samusing Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab 10.1 as well as the Samsung TouchWiz Android skin, which looks a lot like iOS. Samsing is denying these allegations by saying that there are only so many ways to make a smartphone as well as other excuses.

Personally, I think the survey information should be kept private as I don’t see how it relates to the general gist of the lawsuit. Anyway, now that you’ve heard what I think of the survey information possibly being made public, let us know what you think should happen in the comments.

Source: AllThings
Image Credit:  Yutaka Tsutano

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