Apple Loses Bid To Ban Xoom In Europe

A German court recently ruled that the Motorola Xoom, a 10.1-inch tablet by Motorola, is not a blatant copy of the Apple iPad. Because of this, Apple’s bid for a Xoom ban in Europe was dismissed and Motorola’s counterclaim was also denied. Motorola claimed that Apple’s iPad design patent was invalid. Because of this, both parties have to pay court costs; Apple is to pay two-thirds of the costs and Motorola is to pay one-third.

Since Motorola only sold roughly 1 million Xoom tablets in just over a year, why does Apple find the Xoom such a threat? Actually, they don’t. However, Apple most likely wants to hurt Google indirectly and can do so through Motorola as Motorola was recently bought out by Google. Because of this, we can expect more useless court cases in Europe, Asia and North America. And considering the Xoom tablet isn’t anything Google is relying on, who’s to say the amount of legal action we’ll see against the Nexus 7? Only time will tell.

Now that you’ve heard my opinion on the tablet patent wars, what do you think? Should Apple stop suing everyone in their path, or do these companies deserve it? Let us know by leaving a comment on this post.

Source: Gigaom
Image Credt:  Sir.Christopher Of Baltimore

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