Court Denies Motion To Halt iBooks Antitrust Monitor’s Actions

The US Court of Appeals of the Second Circuit has denied Apple’s motion to stop the actions of Michael Bromwich, Apple’s court-ordered antitrust monitor. The court denied the request because Apple reportedly didn’t produce adequate evidence to show that Bromwich was overextending the scope of his investigation into Apple’s iBooks business, thus causing irreparable harm to the tech giant.

It is worth noting that, according to Reuters, the court did address some concerns Apple raised  and has agreed that Bromwich’s duties are strictly limited to assessing Apple’s compliance policies, but not assessing if Apple’s employees are actually following antitrust laws.

Apple had previously accused Bromwich of requesting interviews and documents that went beyond his jurisdiction, and of having a bias against the company.  US District Judge Denise Cote appointed Bromwich to work with Apple after the company an antitrust case involving Apple’s iBookstore pricing model last year. Apple was reportedly colluding with book publishers to price fix, leading to losses for Amazon’s Kindle store, another major eBook marketplace.

Via: AppleInsider

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