Apple Appeals Japanese Court Ruling In Samsung Case

In August, a Japanese court ruled in favor of Samsung in a suit against Apple in which Apple claimed that Samsung was infringing on JP Patent No. 4,204,977. This patent has to do with remote audio and video syncing. Samsung was reportedly infringing on this patent with some of their most popular devices including the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II as well as the Galaxy Tab. Apple was, and still is, seeking 100 million yen from Samsung in damages. This is equivalent to roughly $1.3 million USD.

Apple has just appealed the ruling, though it looks unlikely that they’ll win. Japanese Judge Tamotsu Shoji wasn’t so happy when Apple brought the case to Japan. After Apple lost the case, Judge Shoji said the following to Apple before making them pay for court fees:

It’s hard to believe the products belong to the range of technologies of the claimant

Personally, I think that Apple should cut Samsung a bit of slack in terms of small lawsuits as they just won a $1 billion dollar lawsuit against Samsung in the United States. And while that suit was necessary due to blatant copying of Apple designs, suing Samsung over a small technology for just over a million dollars seems a bit unnecessary to me.

Source: Apple Insider
Image Credit: liewcf

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