Apple And Samsung Still At Each Other’s Throats, Apple To Add Six Devices To Next Samsung Patent Trial

Sorry, folks. They’re still at it. While many have hoped that the tension between the two megacorporations have finally eased away, it looks like that was just wishful thinking.

According to Electronista, Apple has apparently filed to add six additional Samsung products to the second Apple versus Samsung patent trial. The claim? Gross patent infringement, of course. As for the products in question, they are the Samsung Galaxy S III running Jelly Bean, the Galaxy Note II, The Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, the Rugby Pro, and the Galaxy S III Mini.

While this might make Apple sound like the villain here, it looks like both parties are still feeling equally puglistic. A few days before this, Samsung had filed to add the new iPad and the iPad mini to the suit, alongside the iPhone 5. That said, it doesn’t quite match the 20-item manifest from Apple. For those who have been following the story, this really isn’t new. Not only have the companies been slinging patent suits at each other, they’ve also engaged in a certain amount of unnecessary cheekiness as well.

Come on, fellas. Is it so hard to get along?

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