Lazy Cash Flow

Too busy to download and upload all your banking transactions? No time to login into your online bank, but want to check your balances? Then try the free Quicken Online Mobile iPhone app.

Before I get into the details, here are some reasons to get this app:

  • Auto-refresh transactions/balances for checking & savings accounts and credit cards
  • See up-to-date status of financial goals
  • Track cash expenses on the go and throw away the receipt
  • Categorize transactions which are not automatically categorized from your iPhone.
  • Consolidate multiple accounts easily and get instant Cash flow stats.
  • Trusted Quicken defacto standard in financial management software as opposed to or (relative newcomers)

Now the first thing to do is create a free sign in account online at Quicken Online. If you’re Canadian, for some reason there is a quirk that forces a US Zip Code, just put in the famous 90210 to get past this. Once in you can add your bank accounts and credit cards. Voila! Use the iPhone app to get a financial snapshot at any time, while your sipping a $5 Starbucks or waiting in line for the latest movie and wondering where all your money is going.

Goals, a great feature that allows you to set monthly goals for spending on gas, groceries, dining out, etc.  Since each transaction is automatically categorized to a list of pre-defined or custom categories, you get an instant goal status every time you open the app. Great for reducing costs on items or to see where your paycheque is going.

Useful Features not available through iPhone but through Online Web App:
On the online web app there is a Trends tab which outlines trends in spending or income in a graphical and transactional manner.  Another very useful feature is the idea of Alerts under Settings, which you can define to email or SMS you if you exceed a certain amount on a credit card or category of spending, very useful as your own fraud alert or to curb your spending ways.

Definitely an app to have in your top 10, did I mention it is free – Quicken Online Mobile

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