Layers puts your screenshots into layers in a PSD file

Have you ever wished you could have an interactive screenshot of your desktop?  Say, something you can snap, and then move the windows around, change out your desktop background, maybe make your icons all disappear?

Most screencasters would drool for that kind of support in a screenshot application, and the fact that it takes all the “layers” throughout your desktop, and then literally puts them into a PSD all on different layers is phenomenal.  You read that right, all your windows will be in different layers in a PSD.

Technical writers, bloggers, and graphic designers everywhere will find this a handy tool to keep in their arsenal. You’ll never know when it’ll come in handy.  It’s already making its way into my work flow for some upcoming reviews.  Probably the best thing about this applications is that it labels all the layers and tosses them into appropriate folders.  Talk about a labour of love.

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