Kindle on Mac App Store

Amazon has released Kindle for Mac on the Mac App Store. The app is free and from my quick testing, runs like a dream.

At this point, I’m putting all my ebook investment (which isn’t much, granted) into Amazon’s pockets. The Kindle Store has a better selection, and the reader software works on just about everything — the excellent Kindle device, the iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Android devices, Windows Phone 7 phones, Blackberrys and even the web. Whispersync keeps reading position, notes and more synced across all devices. As as service, Kindle has cloud-based sync down to a science.

iBooks are limited to iOS devices — iBooks aren’t even available to Mac users at this point. And the selection isn’t nearly as good. I get the feeling that Apple isn’t trying as hard as it could to make iBooks as competitive as it could be. And until it is, I’m a Kindle customer.

Go take the app for a spin. There’s a link below that will take you to the Mac App Store.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac]

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