Keyboard hack for the iPhone!

Since the iPhone came out, one of the biggest complaints has been the lack of a real keyboard. I personally have never been upset about this, however, this is a complaint that I have heard a lot. Well, now it looks like it is possible to hook up an actual mini keyboard to your iPhone! This is making its rounds now for a couple of days, but there are pictures of a hacked iPhone attached and working with a mini keyboard. Could this be something that we see being more popular in the future with the iPhone? That I cannot answer. After looking at the pictures over and over again, I am thinking that this might be a good thing for Apple to jump onto. If Apple were to adopt this casing and really make it slick, and then offer it to the public, maybe even more people would switch. The problem, of course, would be losing the thinness of the iPhone. That would be the killing point of the entire thing. The iPhone would lose its slick stylish look. But if you had the option to spend additional money on a keyboard that would work on your iPhone, would you do it? Personally, I am more than happy with my virtual keyboard. I have never had an issue with it, and I rarely have a typo or miss a word, But if you are old school, this may be something you cross your fingers over that Apple might adopt someday, and someday soon.

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