Keep Your iPad Mini Safe With This Funky Case

Cara for iPad mini

If you’re like me, you want your iPad to not only be protected while in a case, but to look unique as well. While browsing for iPad mini cases online, I found that most cases tend to protect your iPad well, but look boring and lack any type of unique design. However, I recently came across the Switcheasy Cara, a case that features an interesting design and stellar protection.

The Cara’s design is still something I’m on the fence about. It features a strange imprinted design that almost resembles a ribcage. However, unlike the company’s ‘Ribcage’ case for the full-sized iPad, the Cara isn’t intimidating and would be perfectly acceptable to pull out during a meeting. Nevertheless, the Cara is unique, but whether or not you like the uniqueness is personal preference. The Cara is available in three different colors — black, white and red — so you should find something you like.

As far as protection goes, the Cara has your iPad mini covered. Literally. The Cara is a folio style case and covers every inch of your iPad’s frame. Because of the case’s design, it also features stellar drop protection due to the excessive padding found on the front of the Cara. Also, the case includes a screen shield and two sets of port covers, so your iPad will have 360 degree protection from drops and scratches.

If you’d like to grab a Cara for your iPad mini, expect to drop $39.99 for the whole kit. While this price may seem a bit steep for an iPad case, it’s not too bad considering how much stuff comes with the case. Switcheasy also makes the Cara for the full-sized iPad and sells it for a pretty $49.99. You can purchase the Cara via Switcheasy’s website.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.