Keep Your Gadgets Organized And Protected With The Boa Squeeze By Booq

Booq has released a new backpack that is catered to fit Apple products. Marketed towards the creative professional, the Boa Squeeze has special compartments for a MacBook, an iPad as well as an iPhone. The bag also features a wide-open compartment for books or whatever else you may find yourself carrying when walking or riding your bicycle to your favorite coffee shop. The bag’s side compartments and cell phone pocket make it easy to grab your essentials at all times.

According to the press release, Booq has designed the bag with ergonomics in mind. The shoulder straps have been designed to be wider, allowing the bag to better distribute weight. The back of the backpack is coated with air mesh padding, ensuring that your back will stay sweat-free and comfortable. The outside of the bag is graphite colored while the interior is crafted from a herringbone fabric.

Booq’s lead designer, S. Kema Subsomboon, said the following on the Boa Squeeze:

The Boa squeeze is designed to be lighter than most. We’ve cut down the amount of unnecessary pockets, but tailored the interior compartment to fit everything creative professionals need to carry. We also customized the shoulder strap to be a little wider than what’s normal, so that our customers can carry heavier loads without causing strain to their back

If you’d like to purchase a Boa Squeeze for yourself, expect to drop $129.95 for one on Booq’s online store. It definitely looks like a nice bag for those who prefer backpacks to messenger bags and are constantly on-the-go.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.