Keep your eyes peeled for ninjas with EvoCam

    In the market for a security system? What about one that utilizes your Mac and some webcams?

    Whether you’re sick of roommates stealing your laundry change, or there’s a pesky neighbor egging your house, at some point you’re going to wish that you had a camera snapping the shots of the perpetrator.

    EvoCam will get the job done, from multiple angles, and multiple camera sources. It’s probably all you need unless you have night-vision goggle wearing ninja’s trying to break into your house. If that’s the case, just give up and hand over your keys. You’ve got no chance.

    The really cool thing about EvoCam is that you can manage multiple web cameras and have those cameras record both audio and video, and then automatically have the program upload the footage to a web server. There’s some other small features that are pretty typical for webcam surveillance software, but the multiple camera access really sets this apart from any other software I’ve checked out. They support a whole bunch of web cameras, so you’re probably covered if you have stuff kicking around already. The application will set you back thirty bucks.

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