Keep Your EarPods Organized With This Gadget Stand

I love my EarPods, but I find my pair getting constantly tangled when in my pocket or  my messenger bag. While I could coil them up, I would run the risk of damaging the cable or the speaker itself. I recently stumbled upon a product on Amazon that not only keeps your EarPods untangled and protected, but works as a stand for your iPad mini, iPod touch or iPhone.

The EarPod case and stand is produced by a company called Square Jellyfish. The company is well known for its stands and mounts for smartphones, tablets and cameras. The company’s EarPod case allows users to prop their smartphone or tablet up at a position optimal for video viewing or photo browsing. When not being used as a stand, the user can store their EarPods inside of the stand, leaving them untangled and free of dust and other debris that reside in your pocket, bag or suitcase. The EarPod case also folds up into a small square, making it easy to transport.

If you’d like an EarPod case for your EarPods, you can purchase one for $9.95 via You can purchase the device in one of four colors: blue, black, purple or green.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.