Keep track of your memories with Memoires

Call me crazy, but there’s just some things I like keeping offline. Facebook was great with sharing information with some of your real-life friends, twitter is great for sharing random thoughts, but what about those things that are meant just for me? Things that I want to remember, or a feeling I want to express without sharing it with the world? What about some notes I want to keep about my day and the client work that I did during office hours?

Well, there’s an application for that… and it’s for OS X.

Mémoires is a journal, or as the girls call it, a diary. I’ll let you decide what you want to call it, but from here on out I’ll be referring to it as a journal, and I’ll be picturing it as the manliest journal a man could ever create.

It’s light weight and is everything a journal needs to be. You should check it out. I’d say more, but I think the screenshots speak for themselves. ;)  Oh yeah, it’s 29.95

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