Keep Your Laptop Dry In A Downpour With Chrome’s Barrage Backpack

I ride my bike pretty much everywhere in any kind of weather—yes, even rain and snow. Unfortunately, riding home from work and school in the rain means I look for one thing above anything else when I purchase a backpack: waterproofness.

One waterproof bag that really stands out is the Barrage Reflective Camo by Chrome Industries. This bag has a roll-top design that allows you to store your MacBook, iPad, and a bunch of other gadgets with ease. This design also keeps water out, so you don’t have to think twice about riding home from class in a downpour.

The bag also has a couple design elements that are great for cyclists—the cargo net that can hold helmets and other gear, and the U-Lock and water bottle pockets on each side of the bag.

Finally, the bag comes in a super cool-looking reflective camo colorway. We’re not talking about just any old camo motif , either: The Barrage is crafted out of Swedish M90 geometric camo that provides a subtle, modern look. Additionally, the bag come coated with a reflective glass bead pattern that keeps you visible to cars when pedaling around through the night.

You can purchase your Barrage here for $200.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.