JVC Gumy Headphones: An alternative to Apple’s?

I’ve owned an iPod since 2005. My first was the iPod Mini (Green) 4GB Model. I bought it at CompUSA right after the second generation came out and got a good deal on the first generation Mini. (I still have it, although the hard drive and battery are toast). I have been through 8 different iPods, including two iPhones. With each came the Apple headphones.

Like most people, I tend to use my iPod or iPhone constantly. With constant use, the headphones from Apple (or any headphones for that matter) tend to come worn and no longer decide to work. Typically, it’s one ear that decides to stop working, usually at the most inopportune time. Since I have been through almost every single pair of headphones from each iPod (I still have the headphones from my 3G iPhone) I didn’t want to keep buying the Apple headphones at $29 a piece. So I began looking for some cheaper ones. I reckon I’ve been through at least 15 pairs of headphones in 3 1/2 years.

Like I said, I use my iPod constantly and have been through 4 pairs of headphones in the last 5 months. Now, I haven’t been buying the Apple headphones since they are $29 US each. I had been buying the Phillips SHE2650/37 Black headphones with a case, since they were about a third the cost of the Apple headphones.

Recently, I found the JVC HA-F130-B headphones. This particular model black but they do come in a variety of colors. These are not bad headphones, but they are definitely not as good as others out on the market. They are a bit better and provide as much, if not a bit more, of the full quality that the Apple headphones.

Since these headphones actually have a better range than the Apple headphones, this should not be too surprising. These can do 16Hz ~ 20,000Hz, while the Apple headphones can do 20Hz ~ 20,000Hz.

Granted, I’m not an audio engineer and my ears aren’t attuned to having exact differences be noticed, but I can tell the difference with these headphones. One of the better aspects is that they will work with the first generation iPhone with the slim plug. So if you’re in the market for a cheaper alternative to the Apple provided headphones these are not bad choice. They can usually be had for around $10 at almost any electronics retailer.

I’m just wondering how long these headphones will last, since they are earbuds and I am hard on all headphones. If you happen to know of a good pair of earbuds that are durable, leave a message in the comments.

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