Jury Says Samsung Owes Apple $120 Million


The Apple versus Samsung case appears to finally be over. I say “appears” because who the hell knows just how long the two companies can play this thing out in court. The verdict is in, and while it’s kind of a win for Apple (they’re walking away with $119.6 million), Samsung is undoubtably drinking bubbly and swinging from chandeliers considering they have to pay less than 10 percent of what Apple was seeking.

From FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller:

The jury awarded Apple only about 5.5% of its $2.2 billion claim: $119.6 million…The jury also awarded Samsung damages of $158K for one patent Apple was held to infringe.

I’m so sick of patent cases. Hopefully this means we’re done with the whole song and dance. On one hand it’s pathetic just how easy it is to copy someone’s work and pass it off as your own. But, on the other hand, the fact that it’s taken almost three years for there to be any finality in the case is absurd.