iTunes + upgrades more than you want.


    I have always upgraded my old iTunes music to iTunes plus when the album was available. With iTunes going DRM free, I thought this would be great! Get all my iTunes purchased music upgraded, and I don’t have to worry about anything. In the past, this has been a natural thing for me to do. I see I have songs or albums that can be upgraded and not even thinking, I click upgrade. Well, this week I was caught off guard by the update. I went in to look at what needed to be done since there were only 2. To my surprise the two songs that were upgradable are not songs that I purchased on iTunes. In fact, one is from a CD that I own and the second is from the Napster days! This really got me thinking too. How many songs, especially recently, have I upgraded that weren’t originally purchased from Apple? This is not a good thing, because there are probably a lot of people that still haven’t caught this yet. I am perfectly fine paying to upgrade what I bought from Apple, but not something that I downloaded from Napster a decade ago or purchased on CD and ripped to my Mac. Apple, Get your act together!