iTunes Possibly going DRM-Free by Next Tuesday!

The rumor mill is at it. Apple Insider is showing a rumor that apple iTunes may be going completely DRM-Free by next tuesday. It is no secret that Steve Jobs has wanted to go DRM-Free for awhile. He has mentioned it several times. Unfortunately, Apple is at the mercy of the record labels. But if you think back, Apple has been preparing for this for awhile. When Apple originally introduced iTunes Plus, those songs were $1.99 for DRM-Free. Earlier in the year, Apple quietly lowered those prices down to just $.99. So they have the price model in. The question is, will this get back the people who have switched to Amazon mp3? I personally use both. But this will keep me in the iTunes store more often. In recent weeks apple has even gotten more competive with pricing. Offering weekly discounts on Music, TV shows and Movies. Maybe this is a whole new chapter in even greater things to come from Apple.

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