iTunes Match goes live internationally, for real this time

Irishmen, Canucks, Mexicanos and UKers (read: Brits) alike are now privileged to enjoy the wonder that is iTunes Match. My sources indicate that one Canadian has indeed subscribed, bringing the grand total up to, well, at least one. I’d propose a toast, but I’m sure the Irish have already taken care of that at least three times in the six minutes since this story broke.

Okay, all nationality jokes aside, we’ve personally confirmed that it works in Canada, and MacRumors is reporting that it is available in at least Ireland, Mexico and the whole of the UK. Let us know if you’re somewhere else and it’s working for you, and we’ll keep you up to date.

Update: Josh, who’s in Canada, had to click on the iTunes Store icon in the sidebar, then select iTunes Match in the far right sidebar on the iTunes Store page. It should have a blue “New” icon beside it, right under the quick links section. Once that was clicked, iTunes Match started working its magic.

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