iSticky 3: Desktop Notes revisited.

Apple has been kind enough to give us stickies in leopard and tiger, but to be quite honest, it leaves something to be desired for. iSticky attempts to rectify this by giving you a little more functionality. The last couple of apps we mentioned all seemed to have something in common: the ability to use features across the internet when previous attempts and applications have not. iSticky is in the same boat here, and the concept is kind of interesting for me. You can send notes through email; Using Apple’s Bonjour technique, iSticky lets you send your notes to all your network computers which also use iSticky; Send notes worldwide to other iSticky users. With a free account on our iStickyServer, you can send your notes worldwide to any other person with an account. Both of these features are a great idea and will help you get your “stickies” everywhere you need them. Now, what about your cellphone? I mean it would be nice if they would send you these reminders/lists/stickies to your phone while you are on the go right! “The ability to use Short Message Service is tightly integrated into iSticky. You can send an SMS like you were sticking a note. SMS credits can be added to your iStickyServer account”. How awesome is that… oh wait, credits can be applied to your account? That might just be a deal breaker for me. iSticky 3 is 14 Euro for the application (not that bad) and credits for your SMS messages are 6 Euro for 100 Credits. I guess if you really need the SMS functionality the 6 Euro’s isn’t that steep either, but when you pair these credits with the cost of SMS messages here in Canada it’s definitely worth some consideration before you jump in head first. I guess all you visitors from other countries have it a bit better with your lower costs. On that note… what’s the cost to send an SMS with your carrier, drop us a commenet?

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