iSignOn: No more Passwords

iSignOn is a $3.99 password management system that has a unique take on a very common problem. Instead of entering all of your passwords over and over each time you visit a different site, iSignOn will keep track of your passwords for sites like GMail, Facebook, and Twitter. Unlike apps like 1Password Pro, you don’t secure your password wallet with another password. Instead, you access your passwords simply with your signature.

After training the application with five attempts of the same signature, it will recognize only the way you draw your name with your finger. If other people try, it is unlikely for them to gain access. Not only does the application gauge the shape of your signature, but it also recognizes the speed and direction of movement. The more similar your signatures are while training, the less likely you are to get false positives. Sadly, that also means that you’re more likely to get false negatives. So, what do you do if the app decides that your signature just doesn’t cut it? You can always fall back to a master password like other applications have.

I wholeheartedly suggest you go from $4 for this application. Not only will you be impressed with the implementation, but you’ll also be supporting small, interesting software. If you want to see a version for the Android platform or your MacBook, you need to go support this version. If the iPhone version doesn’t get enough traction, it is unlikely that we’ll see it ported any time soon.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about the background of the developers, you can visit their About Us page. If you need help with the application itself, head straight for their Help page.

Many thanks go out to Hallie Kapner for sending me the tip about this application, and getting me in contact with one of the creators.

Want to know more? I did an interview with Dr. Nasir Memon from New York University. He helped design the technology behind the application, and he has quite a few insights. Look forward to hearing the interview in the following days.

Want to see the application in full swing? Check out this YouTube video that demos the entire application:

Photo Credit: Hammer51012

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