New York Times Editor confirms Apple tablet?

On the October 16th, supposedly off the record, meeting at the Internal Neiman Jornalism Lab at Harvard Bill Keller, Executive Editor for the New York Times, might have let something slip: when listing several platforms the Times is working on bringing content to he mentioned something that could be the oh so desirable Apple tablet. At 8.33 in the video he says:

“I’m hoping we can get the newsroom more actively involved in the challenge of delivering our best journalism in the form of Times Reader, iPhone apps, WAP, or the impending Apple slate…”

According to Gizmodo Apple has been in talks with senior executives in newspapers, magazines and book publishers so it doesn’t seem too far fetched that they would know if something is going on, specially since the tablet could be the perfect platform for this kind of content. Apple has already redefined the way people listen to music; is the tablet their bet to redefine the way people read?

*fingers crossed*

via Gawker, 9to5Mac and Gizmodo

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