iPod Nano Videos – Quality & Ease of Use

When Apple introduced the new iPod Nano in September I wanted it for one reason only, and it was for its camera with the video filters.  I know it’s corny to want an iPod for that sole reason, but there wasn’t anything else really compelling about the new iPod Nano.  I mean it has the same features that the previous Nano did, with the exception of the FM Tuner, and a slightly larger screen.

After Christmas I had a little spending money, so I decided to go ahead and get one.  When I got it, I played around with the video camera, and I have to say I was really impressed with it.  I took a video of my son in my office, and the video came out really good.  I was expecting a lot of noise and graininess, but the video was pretty clean.  I have added the video at the end of this post, as a sample of the quality.

The video camera has sixteen different video filters.  Out of those my favorite one is Cyborg.  It resembles what the Terminator sees.  I like how in the filter the scope will capture an image and then place it in the left had corner and pretend to run a scan on the image.  What would be a nice added feature is if they added sound effects.  I could probably do that in iMovie.

I used iMovie to capture the videos I took, the process was extremely fast and simple.  I then exported the video to YouTube from the share feature in iMovie.  The upload process to YouTube was actually the longest part of this process.

Overall, I am very happy with this iPod.  It somewhat duplicates my iPhone, but the video camera makes up for that.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants an inexpensive iPod that they can play around with the video camera and it’s many different filters.

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