Google’s Video App YouTube Capture Gets First Update

Google first released its video app, YouTube Capture, on the App Store just a month ago and now it’s getting its very first update, with 1080p HD uploads, improved synchronization and upload speeds.

When Google first released YouTube Capture, Google promoted the fact that YouTube Capture users could orientate their device to landscape mode, but a lot of people were frustrated and unhappy with the fact that the maximum upload quality was limited to 720, HD videos. This is all changing today.

The update adds full HD support as well as faster upload speeds, which allows all of your bigger files to be transferred to Google’s servers at a much faster speed so you can easily and quickly share your videos with friends and family.

Google has also improved the audio synchronization, making sure that the new version of YouTube Capture has a lot less bugs.

You can get YouTube Capture from the App Store today for free.

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