Your iPhone Will Look Delicious With This Case


There are so very many iPhone cases. Made of silicone, wood, metal, and miscellaneous plastics. Sporting a picture of cupcakes, Hello Kitty, sports teams, and Game of Thrones. If you can think of it, there is probably a case with a picture of it. What is really turning my cogs lately is the concept of a case that makes your iPhone look like another physical object.

This Ice Cream Sandwich iPhone case is available on Amazon for only $8.97 USD. It’s not Prime eligible, so shipping will likely vary depending on where you live — it is listed as $2.98 for me here in the eastern United States. Sadly, there are holes cut out everywhere so you can access the camera, dock, and buttons. That means it doesn’t hold up the illusion of a real sandwich, but it is certainly more functional.

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