Xbox 360 games could soon be ported to iOS and the Mac with ExEn

If you’re hoping to see more Xbox 360 titles make their way to the Mac, or even iOS, you might want to check out a nifty little project called ExEn. The goal of the project is to let a developer write their game once, and then port it to iOS, OS X, Silverlight, and eventually Android.

Microsoft’s XNA library currently only supports porting for Windows, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone, so this is where ExEn is hoping to push the envelope a little bit and get the games ported to more devices. Simply put, you can take your XNA game, and then use ExEn to move to Apple’s App Stores.

The library preview is now available for free over on lead developer Andre Russell’s website. The project is currently community funded, so it may make sense to drop the developer a couple of dollars if you’re planning on using or supporting the project in the future.

Source: ExEn

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