Wunderlist updates, expands to iPad, and is still free


Tuesday, 6Wunderkinder released a few updates to its popular task management app Wunderlist. I reviewed the original here.

Besides a spiffy new icon, the original iPhone app was bumped up to include landscape mode, list sharing, email tasking, and push notifications (details below). Additionally, the Wunderlist family has grown to include a native iPad app, with Android and web apps soon to come. A beta desktop app is currently available for Mac and Windows.

And each of these apps — like the Wunderlist service — is free.

Free, you say?

One question this raises is what is the business model that supports these free apps and services? Development is currently made possible by a good chunk of venture capital, which I think is an investment in their hinted at Wunderkit, “an online working platform.”

Wunderkit looks to be project management and/or group collaboration software/service, much like Basecamp or Flow. Looks like 6Wunderkinder is wanting to give companies like 37signals or even the Omni Group a little competition down the road.

The Updates

Wunderlist HD for iPad

Wunderlist HD is basically just a designed-for-iPad UI of the same app, featuring the familiar Mail-like columns/dropdown setup. The extra screen real estate is nice if you have lots of tasks, but I’m surprised it doesn’t yet make better use of the notes section.


List Sharing

List sharing was available through the current version of the desktop app, but now you can share task lists with other Wunderlist users from within the iOS apps as well.

Email Tasking

Send an email to me@wunderlist.com to create a task. Imagine the ease of mailing a MobileSafari link or forwarding emails to create tasks. Each new consecutive line creates a new task. An empty line signals Wunderlist to ignore what’s below, so no danger of your email signature being a frequent to-do item. For instance:

tweak blog design
shampoo dogs
* write Wunderlist update

paul skidmore
Sent from my iPad

This email would create three new tasks, with the third being starred in Wunderlist as a priority item thanks to the asterisk.


Push Notifications

Reminders can now be set for a task. You can be notified by email and/or push notification. When you get a push notification, Wunderlist shows you the name of the task. If you slide/click to View, wunderlist takes you directly to that task’s details. Email notifications include the task name in the subject and task details in the body of the email.

More to Come

While I don’t often use them, I know of at least one person who depends heavily on repeating tasks, and there’s still no such option in Wunderlist. 6Wunderkinder is insistent that it is working hard on improvements, listening to customers, and that they are committed to keeping Wunderlist free. Given that, I think it’s only a matter of time before repeating tasks are folded in.

Any other Wunderlist users out there? Is there anything else you feel Wunderlist is really missing for you?

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