The Woz was misquoted, again.

When it comes to Steve Wozniak news we tend to err on the side of caution when our RSS readers start to fill up with questionable quotes. It’s not that we couldn’t see Woz predicting that Android might take over, it’s that he’s been used in Anti-Apple rhetoric before, but it usually ends up being a giant pile of misquote.

Turns out the news from De Telegraaf suggesting that Woz thought that Android was going to overtake the iPhone was another case in point.

Go Media!

Thank goodness Engadget managed to get to the bottom of it with the Woz. The Woz admits to “prognosticating” about how Android may become more popular “based on what [he has] read,” but at no point did he give his own opinion to De Telegraaf on the matter.

Yay Media!

If you want to hear Wozniak explain his quotes to Engadget they recorded their conversation with the Apple co-founder.

Article Via Engadget

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