Worth Reading: ‘We Need To Talk About iOS 8’

Fraser Speirs is not particularly happy with the state of iOS 8:

“For sure, iOS 8 is highly ambitious. I have long been an advocate for many of the features that iOS 8 brought: extensions, interoperability and so on. Sadly, complexity has brought with it fragility.

We have seen problems with apps not being updated in a timely manner. We have seen issues with crashing, devices rebooting, rotation glitches, keyboards playing up, touch screens not responding. Indeed I’m typing this while babysitting the full restore of an iPad that one pupil “broke” – through no fault of their own – while updating to iOS 8.”

I haven’t had any major issues with iOS 8 personally, but I also have one single device currently running iOS 8. But if Fraser’s experience—and the botched iOS 8.0.1 update—are any indication, Apple needs to double down on quality assurance, even if it means iOS 9 has fewer new features. Read the article…

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